Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Verizon Promotion Code: Deal or Bust?

Is worth the hassle to switch to Verizon? When you consider the Verizon promotion code, the answer is a yes! The promo codes can save you hundreds each and every month on your Internet, cable, and telephone bill and that's definitely worth the hassle of making the switch. Add in the faster speeds and switching to Verizon FiOS is a no brainer.

Verizon is Much More than Cell Phones

If you think Verizon only does cell phones and Internet, you are vastly mistaken. Verizon can cover your home phone and television needs as well. If you curently have a cell phone plan with Verizon, they can sweeten the offer by combining all the services and costing you less. You'll get the same excellent service you already expect from Verizon and you'll get it with your TV, Internet, and home phone as well. Plus, you'll have one bill to pay making everything that much simpler.

Get Faster Service by Cutting the Cable Cord

Cable and DSL were once the speediest Internet choices money could buy. Cable was also the best picture quality for your TV. This is no longer the way it is and cable and DSL are now outdated and today comparable to dial up service and antenna. Fiber optics is now the fastest and also the best way to get information to the home. Fiber optics delivers information at the speed of light into your home with virtually no interference, which cannot be said for cable or DSL. Cable and DSL still use copper wiring, which are affected by storms and electrical currents. This isn't true of fiber optic cables which use glass and light pulses. Glass and light aren't vunerable to the same interferences, thus fiber optics provide a higher quality service on a much regular and faster basis.

Verizon Promo Codes Open Up Fiber Optics to the Public

When asked, people say they do not want to switch their Internet service, regardless of whether cheaper, because it's too great a hassle. Verizon knows this is a problem for many of their potential customers and yet wants people to try Verizon FiOS. For that reason, they're offering amazing promo codes to persuade people to try fiber optics for the first time. It has been very effective as Verizon boasts a high satisfaction rate.

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