Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Does AT&T Promotional Code Give $200 Cash Back?

Can you actually get $200 cash back from an AT&T promotional code? Month after month people search Yahoo Answers and Google asking if the promo is real. While you don't get $200 cash and you don't get a check from AT&T, you do get a Visa card having a $200 balance which is practically the same as getting cash back. A Visa card is accepted all over the place these days and that makes the promotion as good as cash in your pocket. Customers can qualify for the promotion in three different ways.

AT&T Promo Code #1: The Double Pack

The Double Pack is the cheapest way to get the promo code for $200. It costs a measly $59 a month it bundles the AT&T UVerse and their high speed fiber optic Internet. There aren't any term limits and installation is included. If you're an existing AT&T wireless customer, you'll be able to take another $5 off the price. It also includes three months of HBO and Cinemax if you include them in your service plan.

AT&T Promo Code #2: The Triple Pack

As an introduction into all of AT&T's services, the Triple Pack bundles everything into a great little package for $89. The package includes AT&T UVerse for television, the UVerse fiber optic high speed Internet, and the trusted AT&T home phone service. Again, existing AT&T cellular phone customers can knock $5 off of the price bringing their bill down to $84 monthly. Plus, the features are out of this world. The home phone boasts 20 features plus voicemail, the Internet with speeds up to 6 Mbps, and a free DVR. Customers wanting to add Cinemax and HBO can sign up for the service and enjoy three free months at the same time.

AT&T Promotion Code #3: The Ultimate Pack

People who crave everything will delight in the Ultimate Pack. It combines everything from the two previous packages, but gives them more. It combines the home phone service, AT&T UVerse, and the UVerse fiber optic high speed Internet. Your television will get two HD ready receivers, 360 channels, and three months of HBO, Cinemax, the Sports Package, and also Movie Package all free with the plan. Your phone will still get the 20 features plus voicemail like the other plan but you will also get 250 minutes of free talk time. Saving the best for last is your Internet speed. Your high speed Internet will not get the 6 Mbps like the other package but will get 12 Mbps of download speed! You get all of this and the $200 Visa card.

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