Monday, February 25, 2013

Verizon FiOS: Do You Need a Verizon Promotion Code?

The big question about Verizon FiOS is: "is it worth the pain of switch over?" The answer is easy: if you use a Verizon promotion code, then yes. The promotional code will save you hundreds of dollars month after month on your Internet, home phone, and television bill. Plus, it will put some money in your pocket for switching. That is more than worth the hassle of switching then when you add the faster speed, switching over to Verizon is easy.

Verizon is Much More than Cell Phones

If you think Verizon only does cell phones and Internet, you are vastly mistaken. Verizon can cover your home phone and television needs as well. Should you already have a cell phone plan with Verizon, they can sweeten the offer by combining all the services and costing you less. You'll get the same high quality service you already expect from Verizon and you will get it with your TV, Internet, and home phone as well. Plus, you will only have one bill to pay making everything that less difficult.

Get Faster Service by Cutting the Cable Cord

For years, for those who wanted the fastest and best Internet, you had to get cable or DSL, and if you wanted the best TV reception, then you better get cable. Now, this is no longer true. You are able to kick cable and DSL to the curb and cut those cords forever. They are both outdated and history. Fiber optics has arrived to take their place. Fiber optics delivers lightning fast information using light with virtually no interference, that you simply just cannot say with cable or DSL. Both DSL and cable are stuck using copper wires which can be impacted by electrical currents and storms. Fiber optic cables are made of glass and use light to bring you a signal. These aren't susceptible to the same interferences and thus you're left with a high quality signal and a high speed Internet on a regular basis.

Verizon Promo Codes Deliver a Budget Friendly Price

The number one reason people don't switch their current service is due to inconvenience. Verizon recognizes this problem and consequently tempts customers with amazing promo codes. Some codes give new customers $250 cash back for the trouble of trying Verizon FiOS and that is only the beginning of the offers. Together with the codes are free DVRs, premium channels, no contracts, and wireless routers. The discount codes are certainly worth making the switch.

With codes offering $250 cash back, free DVRs and more who can blame them? To find out what Verizon promotion codes you qualify for check them all out at for the latest codes.

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