Thursday, January 10, 2013

Will Netflix Coupons Keep Netflix Around in 2013 or will Hulu Take Over Streaming?

At the beginning of every year, people speculate whether Netflix will be around or if it will collapse under the weight of cable. And each year Netflix keeps offering their Netflix coupons for a free 30-day trial. Will 2013 be any different or will Netflix finally collapse to Hulu, Blockbuster, and the cable companies?

Netflix Vs Hulu: How Does the Competition Compare?

Netflix and Hulu are very different services. The only thing they really have in common is they stream to the computer for a relatively low price and that is where the similarities end. Hulu streams television shows to your computer and Netflix streams movies.

Since they are so different in nature, it is hard to compare the two services; it is essentially comparing apples and oranges. They are more complementary services than they are competing services.

Netflix Vs Blockbuster: How Does the Competition Compare?

Netflix and Blockbuster both offer movies, which makes them comparable. However, they do have some huge differences.
  • Blockbuster – Offers new releases considerably sooner than Netflix. The DVD service is available at their Blockbuster Blue Box locations, through their mail service, and through the On-Demand service. The major drawback is the price. While you can have one DVD shipped to you as many times you want for $9.99 a month, you probably will only get three to five DVDs a month. The On Demand service is approximately $3.99 to $4.99 per movie.
  • Netflix – Offers for a much more affordable price. The On-Demand price is $7.99 a month for as many movies as you want to watch a month. If you want to have DVDs sent to your house, it is an extra $7.99 a month. The major drawback to Netflix is the movies take longer to become available. Therefore, you can find movies on Blockbuster months before they become available on Netflix.

Netflix Vs Cable: How Does the Competition Compare?

Cable is a subscription service and for many, it is a costly one. Cable comes with many, many channels. Depending on the subscription, the channels can be as many as 300, which can include children shows, educational shows, movie channels, sports, and entertainment. Most shows are not on-demand but can be recorded and watched later.

Most cable companies do offer pay-per-view and on-demand movie channels with the absolute latest and most current movies. These movie channels offer movie selections that cannot be found anywhere else and are often found shortly after the movie has left the box office. The major drawback of the cable plan is the absurdly high price of the and the lack of customization.

Customers choosing Netflix over cable are looking to cut the cable ties. They are looking for an alternative to sky high cable bills and looking to cut the cord. In most cases, people choosing to switch from cable often choose Netflix and Hulu to completely cut the cable cord. With the Netflix/Hulu combo, customers can get the best of the movie and television world.

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