Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ring in the New Year with ATT UVerse Coupon Code Savings

It's a New Year and that means everyone is making New Year's resolutions. For many people saving money goes straight to the top of the list and an ATT UVerse coupon code could help.

AT&T UVerse Brings Fiber Optics Competition

Before AT&T UVerse, the only fiber optic system available to the general public was Verizon FiOS. While FiOS is an excellent choice, AT&T UVerse brought competition to the fiber optic market and with competition comes lower prices and better service. When AT&T introduced UVerse, a whole new clientele was exposed to fiber optics and more people jumped onto the fiber optic bandwagon. This forced Verizon to step up or be left behind.

AT&T Offers Low Prices to Beat Competition

In order to lure customers away from Verizon FiOS, AT&T UVerse had to do something major; after all, Verizon was firmly established in the fiber optic business when AT&T UVerse came along. AT&T decided the best way to attract customers to their new fiber optic service was to offer sensational Internet promotional codes. These codes have worked so well that AT&T has continued to use the promo codes as a way to continue to attract new customers to their service.

AT&T Promotional Codes for a New Year

AT&T can help you start off the New Year right with several promo codes to lower your existing Internet, telephone, and, or television bill. By either choosing a stand-alone code or a bundle package promo code, you can save on your monthly bill. In addition, you may qualify for free gifts.
  1. High Speed Internet (Not FiOS) - Families looking to drastically cut their Internet cost but still maintain the high speeds they’re accustomed to need to look no further. AT&T is offering Internet service for just $14.95 a month with download speeds as high as 3 Mbps.
  2. AT&T UVerse TV and Internet - Families wanting to lower their cable bill and Internet cost can do so by bundling the service. An AT&T promo code allows customers to get both services for $59 a month. The offer includes a free DVR and if used at certain times, customers can qualify for a $200 gift card.
  3. AT&T UVerse TV, Telephone, and Internet - Families who wish to lower their all three can bundle everything into one service. This AT&T promo code is a no-term contract allowing potential customers to test the service with no risk. The Triple Pack is only $89 a month and includes a free DVR. Additionally, it comes with three months free HBO and Cinemax.
  4. AT&T UVerse HD TV, Phone, and Internet - If your family wants to save money but still wants ALL the channels, then this package will be right up your alley. The U300 package comes with 360 channels and you get two HD ready receivers. In addition, you get three months of HBO, Cinemax, the Sports Package, and the Movie Package, free. This package is usually $119 for the first 24 months. The best part, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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