Saturday, July 20, 2013

Entertainment Bliss is only one Netflix Free Trial Away

There’s been a lot of news about Netflix lately and how it’s going to survive with competitors like Hulu and Amazon. One thing you don’t see from those others is a one-month Netflix Free Trial. Netflix wants to put everything on the line so people can understand what sets them apart from the others. Netflix was the very first of its kind and it’s likely to be around much longer than Hulu and maybe even Amazon’s video service. They also have thousands of movies not just streaming, but also available through the mail. The company began the sensation and will continue to revolutionize it.

 The Netflix Difference

 Hulu was designed for television and still has primarily television shows available. Plus, there are commercials played during shows even when you pay for the service. is rapidly becoming the Wal-Mart of the Internet world. You can find everything from dog food and furniture to books and streaming movies. It’s like trying to get a movie from Costco. It’s big and compartmentalized. Netflix is all about television and movies. Right from the start, the company offered just DVDs by mail, but they realized the power of streaming movies. Over time they trickled in until they have a library thousands strong.

Series Available Nowhere Else

 The world of Internet streaming movies was quickly changing and evolving and Netflix knew it needed to do something different if they planned to stay at the head of the pack. They made a decision to try their hand distributing their own exclusive series. It was a high risk move, but they didn’t have the demands that the networks had and could produce edgy shows in the vein of Showtime and HBO. Their first show was Lilyhammer followed by House of Cards. Hemlock Grove is their horror series and they even brought back a new season of the cult hit Arrested Development. There are more series in development and production of a second season of their current series has started.

Choose a Plan

Netflix provides a few different options for plans. You can get a plan that includes only streaming content. This content is always changing with movies and television shows being added all the time. They also have a plan specialized in just DVDs by mail. This is actually the fastest way to get the newest movies. There is also a plan that combines the two. has scoured the Internet and located a one-month Netflix free trial code. Visit the site and start receiving the best entertainment available at your fingertips.

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