Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Internet Promo Codes Provide Affordable Internet Access for Everyone

When it comes to Internet promo codes, everyone is always looking for the cheapest, most affordable, and best deals on the Internet. Whether they are looking for AT&T UVerse, Verizon FiOS, Net Zero, or PeoplePC, the bottom line is what is the best promo code? In this article, we will give a quick overview of the best deals and what you can expect to find at any given time.

AT&T UVerse Promo Codes

AT&T UVerse is always offering a variety of promotional codes for potential and existing customers. At the time of this writing, existing customers could take an additional $5 off the advertised promotional code pricing offered to potential customers. This gives them incentive to switch over to UVerse in case they have not thought about it before.

Current packages start at $29 for standalone television then go up to $59 for television and Internet and finally $89 for television, Internet, and phone service. Remember, existing AT&T customers can take $5 off these prices.

Verizon Promo Codes

Verizon changes their offers on a regular basis, but the prices stay fairly consistent; it is the options and the freebies that change. Currently, you can get phone and Internet for $34. There is another double play package that includes Internet and television for $64. This includes wireless router and no activation fee, but it is only available to new customers. However, the triple play for the same price is much more appealing. It has no contract and includes the NFL Sunday ticket.

NetZero Promo Codes

The most appealing promo code for NetZero is the free code. Everyone likes free and NetZero is the only one offering it. If you are not an Internet hog, then 10 hours of free e-mail checking and Internet surfing might be right up your alley. It is available to everyone, so check out the code if free sounds good to you.

For those who need more than 10 hours, NetZero offers DSL. Using the promo code, customers can get DSL for $9.95 for six months. It comes with a free modem and live customer support.

PeoplePC Promo Codes

PeoplePC is for those who are brand new to the World Wide Web and have never actually had Internet service before. It is for people who are curious about having the Internet at home but unsure if they really want it. It is a dial-up service at rock bottom low prices. It has an introductory price of $6.47 a month for the first three months with no commitment. If you like the service, then it will be $12.95 after the introductory period is over.

Since PeoplePC is dial up, you will need a phone line to connect. They provide numerous numbers for you to use to connect to the Internet. It also provides several e-mail accounts for your personal use.

Overview of Promo Codes

Internet promo codes abound for anyone looking for them and each of them delivers different services depending on your needs. The key is to choose based on how your family plans on using the Web.

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